Core Bodywight Progam

Core Bodywight Progam

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Find out why elite level gymnasts and athletics competitors are so lean and how a developed core leads to increased all-around performance.

A strong core is much more than just ripped 6 pack abs.  Strong core is the foundation of a great athlete.  It allows your body to perform efficiently and with more power.

Whats included?

  1. A downloadable video playlist you can take with you anywhere.  To the gym, park, work, or your home!  99% of the exercises can be done anywhere.  I have included a playlist of videos of in depth instructionals of performing an exercise, and also a playlist of strictly performing for easy follow along.
  2. A PDF ebook covering the entire series, with photos, video links to each section, and text covering the sections.
  3. Progressive teaching.  These methods are beginner friendly, however, the exercises will still serve for the more advanced athletes.  Performing these foundational exercises as conditioning can be done on many levels, and I will cover both beginners and advanced.
  4. THIS IS NOT A COOKIE CUTTER WORKOUT PROGRAM- Anyone telling you that you must follow a strict routine without knowing your fitness history, weight, age, health history and goals is tell you A LIE.  I will include example routines for different types of clients, and will provide a guideline on how to structure your routine depending on goals.
  5. FREE PHASE 1 ASSESEMENT- Thats right! Send your video performing the exercises in phase 1 and I will respond with feedback via email or even a video reply if needed.
    This is for a limited time and I may end it soon depending on my availability*