Handstand and Breathing

Can you hold a longer handstand if you breathe properly while upside down?  

Our bodies have instinctual reflexes when it comes under stress.  One of the things you may find is when you approach your handstand, you hold your breath.  Most people do and if the handstand is momentary, you will breathe again when you step out.  However, if you are to maintain the handstand, you will need to continue your breath. As a beginner, this is the moment of instability or the time you may find yourself having to step down.  Practicing a handstand against a wall may allow you to confidently breath as you naturally need to.  Once you have become accustomed to breathing while inverted, you are on your way to maintaining a comfortable handstand even without the wall. There is no real secret to getting over being light headed or feeling uncomfortable amounts of pressure in your head when starting out but it will subside with practice.  The more time you spend inverted, you will be amazed at how rapidly your body will adjust. This video discusses and reinforces the natural process your body must go through to be comfortable inverted.

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