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Your source for education, motivation, entertainment!  We provide high quality online media of bodyweight movements and exercise.

The Strength Project team is also a group of traveling performers, demonstrating strength, and numerous talents such as tumbling, acrobatics and more.  For booking our team for performances or educational workshops click here

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Sam Tribble

Head Coach

Coaching for over 35 years, former competitive gymnast and later taught thousands of individuals bodyweight training by adapting gymnastics exercises in an informal environment.  Sam not only has first hand experience as an athlete in gymnastics, calisthenics and tumbling at an elite level, but many years of coaching the sports.

Simon Ata (Simonster)


An elite powermover and strength athlete. Simonster has several viral videos and is known for powermoves (bboy/breaking) and his calisthenics strength.  Simon also has a degree in physical therapy and years of treating individuals undergoing injury recovery.  Longevity, smart training and  injury preventive are key practices of Simons training methods.